A Secret Desire Unleashed! Can You Guess What It Is?


Blah, Blah, Blah…

Yes, I love blogging…even if nobody cares about what I have to say. Ha! Ha! Actually, I now have a few subscribers! Maybe this will grow over time. Even if it doesn’t, I enjoy writing about parenting and education. I love researching too! So not only do I get to write, I also learn a lot from my own blogging. It’s a win-win from my perspective.

Ugh! Why Am I Doing This?

I don’t know why I find blogging so enjoyable actually. I have to stay up late at night and write instead of what I should be doing…sleeping!  I guess I feel like it’s worth it if I have an opportunity to talk about topics related to education or parenting. These are two of the toughest topics in life. Parenting is hard and being teacher is no walk in the park either!

I Hear Music…

Music is of course my main passion.  I teach music all day long to middle school students and then I come home to sometimes talk about more music with my husband. After the kids go to bed, I try to find time to practice music. If I don’t practice, my musicianship skills go down the drain. So I talk, teach, sing and play music from 8 a.m.-9 p.m. almost every day. Ahhhh!!!

It’s Not About Getting Attention..Okay Maybe Just A Little

I’m hoping that writing about parenting and educating children will help my community of parents and educators in some way. It’s not about getting attention for me. Although, I have to admit, if I could gain more attention, more people might be reading my blog! :)-

I’m On Twitter!

Anyway, check out my Twitter when you have a chance. I’m giving this social networking site a shot in hopes of getting my blog some more exposure. Not sure I’ll be able to keep up with it though. I can’t check in on my phone or my computer all day. Children keep me busy all the time…but that’s what I’m in the business of doing: parenting and educating.



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